Blog | Newsletter: 5 Theatre Gifts and Elfish Hijinx!

Newsletter: 5 Theatre Gifts and Elfish Hijinx!

By admin | January 14, 2016

5 Gift Ideas for the Theatre Lovers On Your List

Looking for gifts for a theatre fan? We believe that holiday gift giving should be less about stuff and more about giving experiences, building memories, or tapping into your creative soul. We hope these ideas will give you some inspiration!


Kids as little as three can start their acting career with a class at Carousel.

1. Acting or Improv Classes
Kids drama classes at Carousel Theatre: Get the kids started early with a class for guided storytelling, silliness, and theatre games that gives them an introduction to theatre.

Methodica three-month program for aspiring adult actors: Beginner three-month method acting classes. A new cycle starts every month!

Workshops at Vancouver TheatreSports: TheatreSports offers six different improv workshops, from improv for teens, to the rookie league, to weekend drop-in classes.

date night

Peter Carlone and Colin Thomas shared a very special date night at the 2015 Fringe Awards Night!

2. Date Night
Forget Netflix or Cineplex—theatre makes for the best night out and Theatre Wire has your tickets! Your date night gift can include dinner, tickets to a show, and cab fare.

puppettos theatre

3. Finger Puppet Theatre
All the world’s a stage, and all the fingers merely players…
Get finger puppets at the Kids Market on Granville Island. There’s no experience or script required with finger puppets—just put them on and let your imagination take over.

4. Books!
Curling up with a great book is a perfect part of a holiday break.

The Empty Space: A Book About the Theatre: Deadly, Holy, Rough, Immediate by Peter Brook
Our Executive Director, David Jordan says this book is his top recommendation for books about theatre. Influential director Peter Brook explores the issues facing any theatrical performance, drawing on his life of experience with the stage.

The Flick by Annie Baker
The Flick may be the best argument anyone has yet made for the continued necessity, and profound uniqueness, of theatre.

Not my Father’s Son: A Memoir by Alan Cumming
Acclaimed actor Alan Cumming shares his relationship with his father and how it informed his career. His wit and insights come through in this new and highly recommended memoir.

Connecting Flights by Robert Lepage
Another recommendation from David, in which the Quebec actor, director, and theatre maker Robert Lepage looks back at his work, his influences, his audiences, and more.

Theatre of the Unimpressed: In Search of Vital Drama by Jordan Tannahill
Governor General’s Literary Award winner Jordan Tannahill takes readers inside the art of creating a play. He asks playwrights from around the world about what makes some plays bad, others good, and the rare one completely unforgettable—and how we can create inspired, engaging theatre for everyone.

Winners and Losers by Marcus Youssef & James Long
In this play, long-time friends and giants of the Vancouver indie theatre scene, Marcus Youseff and James Long discuss the ruthless logic of capitalism, and test its impact on our closest personal relationships with a made-up game in which they name people, places, or things and debate whether they are winners or losers.

James Long and Marcus Youssef in Winners and Losers

Pamela Anderson is a winner and Sylvia Plath is a loser? Click to see the Winners and Losers trailer!

5. Theatre Wire Gift Certificates
An awesome way to recognize the theatre lover in your life…or have someone recognize you! (There’s nothing wrong with dropping a few hints—using a stage whisper perhaps?) A Theatre Wire gift certificate is simple, thoughtful, and best of all, supports local theatre!

FB Ad Gift Certificates

Santa’s Elf Hijinx

Fringe Festival alumni Pippa Mackie, who has starred in such shows as Industry: The Food Must Go Out and Progressive Polygamists has joined the cast of A Very Merry Fringemas which is happening tonight!!


In this exclusive Theatre Wire Presents video Pippa tells Sara Bynoe all about the time she commandeered the stage of her elementary school Christmas pageant!

Will Pippa steal the show at A Very Merry Fringemas tonight? You’ll have to be there to find out!

For one night only A Very Merry Fringemas stars a slew of your Fringe faves! Currated by Tara Travis (The Unfortunate Ruth) and hosted by Jayson McDonald (Magic Unicorn Island, Giant Invisible Robot), Pippa joins TJ Dawe (Marathon, Medicine), Andrew Bailey (The Adversary, Me, The Queen, and a Coconut), Stacey Hallal (Chase and Stacey’s Joyride), Sydney Hayduk (Village Ax), Jeff Leard (Sperm Wars), Mind of a Snail a.k.a Chloe Ziner and Jessica Gabriel (Caws and Effect, Against Gravity), and Jim Sands (Dating for Dumbheads).

This is going to be a night to remember (or forget, we are serving rum and eggnog) get your tickets now!

For more Theatre Wire Presents videos including interviews with Colin Thomas, Cameron Mackenzie, and more local and awesome theatre personalities check out our YouTube Channel!

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