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Serving Vancouver’s independent theatre producers with box office and marketing support.”

Thanks for your interest in becoming part of Theatre Wire. Whether you’re a subscription partner or a ticketing client Theatre Wire can support your show or production! See below for the differences in what our two packages offer.

Subscription Partner Information Package

APPENDIX A: Cross Promotion Package

APPENDIX B: Marketing Content Guidelines and Submissions

APPENDIX C: iPad / Box Office Software SRO (Standing Room Only) Instructions

Ticketing Client Information Package


If you are producing a show as:

  • An independent theatre/dance company
  • An artist Collective
  • An arts Festival

Theatre Wire can sell your tickets!

Note: We will work only with companies who will offer a fair compensation to all the artists involved your production, this can include:

  • Box Office revenue split
  • Indie 2.1 contracts
  • Honorariums that reflect quantity of work

Ready to apply for the 2017/18 Subscription Series or become a Ticketing Client? Fill out this application form. If you have questions please email Angie Descalzi for more information on how Theatre Wire can best serve you!