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Fake Comedy or Just Crying Into the Void?

By admin | January 26, 2017

The Pajama Men Tell All

February is usually pretty drab and you probably just want to hang out in pajamas and eat donuts. The thing is, you can eat donuts and hang out in your PJs at the Winterruption Festival on Granville Island—that’s what Mark Chavez and Shenoah Allen, aka the Pajama Men, will be doing February 16-18!

Shenoah and Mark sat down with us to tell us a little more about Pterodactyl Nights… and things got silly.

Pajama Men

Things are getting…a little bit crazy! Don’t miss Pterodactyl Nights!

Theatre Wire: What inspires your work in the Pajama Men?
Shenoah Allen: Human and animal behaviour and the cross-over between the two.
Mark Chavez: The idiosyncratic habits and speech patterns of everyday people.

TW: What can audiences expect from this show?
SA: They can expect that they won’t feel the need to look at their watch during the show.

TW: What is something that people don’t know about your show that they should?
SA: It’s very silly indeed.
MC: It was written by cute little mice using tiny pencils and wearing adorable little glasses. This isn’t true. We wrote it. But we are mice. This also isn’t true.

TW: Do you have any pre-show rituals?
SA: We have a secret handshake that I’ll keep secret by not describing. I also like listening to dramatic film scores, espresso in hand, while walking to the venue.
MC: We have a secret handshake and say a few secret words to each other before the show. I don’t know if it would ruin the show to not do it, but I’d rather not find out.

TW: Why does Vancouver need this play now?
MC: It’s the middle of February. Everybody needs to laugh in the middle of February. Even Vancouver. Plus, we’ve missed performing here, it’s been way too long.
SA: We’re doing a play?

TW: What are you most looking forward to about the performances?
MC: The part where we stop the show, admit that it’s all been a trick, and start selling our get-rich-quick schemes, which centre around staging fake comedy shows.

TW: Why do you make theatre?
SA: It’s a desperate cry into the void that I exist. It’s like searching for life on other planets except it’s on this one. Is there anybody out there? Anyone who can relate to me? I want to meet you! That kind of thing.

TW: If you could eliminate one word from the English language what would it be?
SA: Comforter. Really makes me feel the opposite of what it intends.
MC: Pamphlet. I want to hand out pamphlets explaining how annoying the word is. But why would I do that to myself?

TW: Tuba or sousaphone?
SA: This question is too hard.
MC: Depends on how much time I have to say it. If I’m in a hurry: Tuba for sure.

TW: Is there anything else you’d like to add about this show or yourself?
MC: Only that we’re incredibly excited to be performing in Vancouver again.

Catch the Pajama Men live on stage at the Waterfront Theatre with Pterodactyl Nights, February 16-18. Buy your tickets here. Audiences are welcome to wear pajamas or any attire they desire.

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