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Get In Touch With Your Awkward Teen Self

By admin | November 3, 2016

In this preview for Green Lake, Director Rachel Peake describes Green Lake, the camp, as “a halfway house for neglected tweens.” But the experiences Jane NoName has there helps her develop into the 25-year-old we meet in the play.

Christine Reinfort, the Resident Artistic Producer at Solo Collective, gives Theatre Wire readers insight on the upcoming production of Green Lake, which runs November 17-27 at Performance Works on Granville Island.

What excites you about this project?
Working with such an incredible creative team! It’s a brand new Canadian play written by the hilarious and talented Katey Hoffman. She is a fresh new voice on the scene and she’s one of the masterminds behind The After, After Party team that won this year’s Public Market Pick of the Fringe. Did I mention that Cheyenne Mabberley—the other half of The After, After Party team—is our Costume Designer? Our director, two-time Jessie Richardson Award recipient Rachel Peake, has just come off a successful run of Angels in America at Studio 58. Malcolm Dow was the sound designer for Bard on the Beach this past season and he’s back working with Solo Collective! Yvan Morissette has received 11 Jessie Richardson Award nominations for his set designs and he’s coming up with a beautifully sparse and abstract set for Green Lake. To round out our team we have lighting designer John Webber who recently won a Jessie Richardson Award for his lighting design for Onegin at the Arts Club. We have a dynamic cast consisting of Alexandra Lainfiesta, Kayla Deorksen, Donna Soares, and Michael Scholar Jr. All of them have seen so much success in Vancouver and abroad performing with Rumble Theatre, Bard on the Beach, Mortal Coil, Carousel Theatre for Young People, the Arts Club, and Persephone Theatre among others.

Why does Vancouver need this play now?
It’s original. I don’t think I’ve read a script like it before! Vancouver needs more strong female playwrights who write significant and meaningful works. Green Lake is quirky, heartfelt, and so raw that it brings you back to your own awkward moments as a teen trying to find your way in the world. And it’s inspiring. And funny.

Why do you make theatre?
I make theatre because I want to inspire and challenge people. I believe that theatre is one of the fastest modes of communication and if we are able to ignite the kind of change in people that shakes their perceptions and beliefs about an issue or topic, then we can influence the way people interact with their world. It’s a way of carrying knowledge to younger generations or giving insight into another culture. It’s a way of connecting with a deeper self; the strange, humorous, and gently tragic moments that reflect our own faults, prejudices, or fears. By emphasizing actor relationships and the text through carefully selected design elements, theatre has a way of opening us up to our inner-most, intimate selves. I make theatre because I believe it makes us all better people.

For more information and to get your tickets to Green Lake, click here!

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