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Give to Theatre Wire & Double Your Donation!

By admin | February 8, 2018

Theatre Wire is a charity, run by the Vancouver Fringe Theatre Society (which also puts on the Vancouver Fringe Festival). In keeping with our Vision of Theatre for Everyone we work with independent, local, and Fringe theatre makers all year to support their work and grow their audiences. When you give to Theatre Wire you help local theatre companies find their audience and audiences to find great theatre! Today through to February 28, when you make a donation it will be matched and your impact will be doubled! Thanks to a generous donation from Kevin Campbell of the Lochmaddy Foundation, we can turn each dollar given into two—up to $5,000! Thank you!

Redpatch - Raes Calvert

Theatre Wire works with award winning companies and shows like Redpatch, which premiered in our 2016-17 Subscription Season and is now part of the latest Arts Club season and touring world wide!

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