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Newsletter: Welcome to Theatre Wire!

By admin | October 19, 2015

September 29, 2015 Newsletter

Welcome, and thanks for being one of the early subscribers to our Theatre Wire newsletter! We (the First Vancouver Theatrespace Society, better known as the producers of the Vancouver Fringe Festival) started Theatre Wire not just to sell tickets, but connect you to all the amazing things happening in Vancouver’s independent theatre community.

In the words of our Executive Director, David Jordan, “The thing that makes independent theatre so exciting is that the artists have their moment of inspiration and then it’s on stage only a few months later. You’re so close to that spark. Theatre Wire is a place where audiences who are interested in theatre like that can find it — a place that supports audiences and artists alike.”

Our newsletters will have regular videos, articles, and more, so stay tuned! For now, check out the third video in our interview series below, in which Cameron Mackenzie, managing artistic director of Zee Zee Theatre, tell us what excites him about theatre and more!



Introducing the Theatre Wire App!

As you’ve probably heard, we have an app now! We released it for the Vancouver Fringe Festival with show calendars and information, venue maps, FAQs, and more. Now that the Festival is over, you can use it year-round to find independent theatre happenings.

Features of the Theatre Wire App include:
• Events calendar and information
• Maps to venues
• News delivered through the app, such as the Theatre Wire newsletter and information on the ticker at the bottom of the screen
• Share about local theatre events on soical media through the app

The app is available for both iOS and Android—download it now!

Q&A: Tender Napalm

tender-napalm-newFrom Sabrina Evertt, founder and artistic director of Twenty Something Theatre, comes a new production of Tender Napalm from October 23 to November 8 at the Havana Theatre. Tickets are available here.

Philip Ridley’s acclaimed play Tender Napalmincludes a quote from Marcus Aurelius in the preface: “Our life is what our thoughts make it.” The way we make and unmake our experiences as we conceptualize them is at the crux of this explosive two-hander. Particularly in our closest relationships, things can be heaven or hell depending on the slant we give them.

Sabrina talks to us about the process behind Twenty Something Theatre’s Tender Napalm in a special Q&A:

What inspired you to do this play?
There is a line in the stage directions of Tender Napalm that when I read it I could envision the entire play in my head. It states: “It is like they dance through the journey of their relationship.”

What things do you want your performances to prompt people to think about?
My hope is that people don’t think. This is a visceral piece of theatre. My hope is that people connect to the performance with their hearts rather than their heads.

Does your team have any rehearsal or performance rituals?
For me: Coffee. Lots of Coffee.

What’s the most unexpected thing someone on your team does when they aren’t working in theatre?
The lovely Claire Hesselgrave – who plays the female lead in the production – also does pet portraiture. You can check that out online.

Are your parents coming?
Of course! My mom is my number one fan. I’ve only gotten this far as an artist because of her unconditional love and support.

What do your parents not know about this show?
The passion and the raw sensuality of the performance because that is a weird thing to talk to your parents about, right?!

Which of your heroes would you want to see this play and why?
Anne Bogart. I’m obsessed with her ideas about art and theatre and her methodology of working. I think this type of theatrical experience would be her thing.

What was the last play you saw in Vancouver?
The Fighting Season by Sean Harris Oliver as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival. And I’m not just saying that because Sean is in Tender Napalm!

What did you like about it?
Sean wrote an extraordinary script about medical personnel in the Afghanistan War that was told with truth and bravery by actors Kyle Jespersen, Tom Pickett, and Siona Gareau-Brennan. I hope this production will continue to have a life after the Fringe because it’s deserves a wider audience.

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