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Q&A: Aaron Bushkowsky

By admin | October 29, 2015

Desperation and Dark Secrets; Dressing for a Wedding

After Tender Napalm closes, Theatre Wire is proud to bring you Solo Collective’s Dressing for a Wedding opening November 12, and Twenty Something Theatre’s 52 Pick-Up opening November 13.


Dressing for a Wedding is a dark, bittersweet comedy about a mother’s desperate attempts to run her daughter’s wedding rehearsal while keeping family secrets from exposing themselves. Written by acclaimed Vancouver playwright and recent Stephen Leacock Award nominee Aaron Bushkowsky and helmed by award-winning director Sarah Rodgers.

If you have any doubt that Dressing for a Wedding is a comedy, or that playwright Aaron has a dark sense of humour….we give you…

Q&A: Aaron Bushkowsky

What inspired you to do this play?
I’ve been married a few times.

What is something that people don’t know about your show that they should?
Time and space will be suspended. Music will play. Characters will say the oddest things straight from their hearts. Someone will laugh, someone will cry. Etc.

Does your team have any rehearsal or performance rituals?
We hug things out.

What’s the most unexpected thing someone on your team does when they aren’t working in theatre?
Fight in the ring, literally fight in the ring. Another one aligns Star Gates to ensure the Chevrons line up. Another one is spunky in Israel. And another one raises chickens off Main.

Who do you want to see this show the most?
Anybody who’s been in love. Or depressed. Or both.

Are your parents coming? My parents are both dead. So, frankly, I’d be surprised if they showed up.

What do your parents not know about this show? Since they are dead, they don’t know anything about it. But they came to most of my weddings… they told me I was beginning to be an expert at marriages… lots of them. They said this without laughing.


Which of your heroes would you want to see this play and why?
President Obama, because he’s the leader of the world’s greatest power and he’s got a dark sense of humour. Also, he may throw some money at me just because I invited him. We’d party after at my place and I’d introduce him to my wife and dog. We’d drink Okanagan wine and he’d be surprised how good it is. Later he’d invite me to his daughter’s first wedding. I’d bring wine.

Why do you live in Vancouver?
Because of the cheap real estate…and easy availability of decaf lattes.

If you had an unlimited budget for this show, would you change anything? What?
A working spaceship, instead of a crappy model.
(Editors Note: We are not sure there is a spaceship in the show, but if there is we’re excited to see why!)

What is your next project and why are you excited about it?
I’m writing an adaptation of The Big Sleep for Vertigo Theatre. I’m excited because Vertigo Theatre is producing it and Craig Hall is directing and he’s fantastic! Although he lives in Calgary. Hmm….

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