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21 Discoveries About Being a Woman in Mid-life

By admin | May 4, 2016

By the Cast of 5@50

“Mid-life crisis begins sometime in your 40s when you look at your life and think, ‘Is this all?’ And it ends 10 years later, when you look at your life again and think, ‘Actually, this is pretty good.'” –Donald Richie

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5@50 is a show about friendship, addiction, and women in mid-life. Zee Zee Theatre and Ruby Slippers Theatre have brought together an accomplished cast of five local actors to examine these themes. Donna Yamamoto, Beatrice (Trixy) Zeilinger, Diane Brown, Deborah Williams, and Veena Sood were asked to reflect on their discoveries about being a women in mid-life. Here’s what they shared!



1) Time to evaluate if I am living a significant life. And having time to make a game plan.
2) Less arm pit hair. Less shaving.
3) Taking pleasure in your friends’ successes.

4) Courage. I have more gumption and guts to ask, see through, and confront and tackle film (3 of 4)
difficult situations and people.
5) Not giving a shit. Or maybe Priorities.  They’re quite clear now and I can (usually) navigate through the world better because I know what they are.
6) Health. This one is tricky because skeletally I’m damaged goods but mentally I’m healthier than I was a decade ago… and my desire to “be healthy” on all fronts is waaaayyyy stronger than it ever was.
7) Acceptance. It’s inevitable, I guess, but I have come to accept many things life… but I can still gripe about it.

8) One of the best things about getting older and being in mid-life is that you don’t give a shit what other people think anymore, except those that you love and respect. You are free to just be yourself, and grow, and celebrate, and share, and learn…. It’s really liberating.
9) Living a meaningful life through ACTION and community involvement; how am I giving back? How am I making the world a better place for the next generation?
10) You choose very carefully how you spend your time and don’t waste it on bad shows, books, people, etc.
11) Ability to Love; it’s much more profound.

film (4 of 4)Deb:
12) Love saying NO! New and really powerful word.
13) Colouring my hair and getting mani’s and pedi’s. I know some people have always done this but it’s new to me.
14) Thinking about the future! What next? Really good years ahead. Let’s take some risks, Deb!
15) Love having adult children who teach me about the world.
16) Knowing younger artists who challenge and keep my mind open.


17) No matter how often I go to Bootcamp, I still have dimply thighs and muffin top.
18) I don’t really care that I have dimply thighs or a muffin top.
19) I don’t have to go to all those parties anymore!
20) I keep forgetting I’m a woman in her middle age.
21) I’m happier at this age than I ever was in my 20s or 30s.

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