The Vancouver Fringe and Theatre Wire’s Vision is “Theatre for Everyone!” We hope to create opportunities for people of all abilities and backgrounds to enjoy the theatre. Theatre Wire shows are produced by many different local independent theatre companies using different theatres around Vancouver. We do our best to obtain accessibility information for all venues, however sometimes it’s not available. In this case we encourage you to contact each particular venue. While not all venues and shows are accessible to everyone, below you can find information on what might be a good fit for any needs you may have. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, we would love to hear from you!

Many of the theatres used by Theatre Wire companies are located on Granville Island. Although it is not possible to extrapolate how the physical features of Granville Island will affect every potential accessibility need, nor any individual’s accessibility needs, some of the more common needs are discussed below.

If you need to contact us please call 604-257-0350 ext 105 or email

A shot of the festival with people, sandwich boards, and trees on Granville Island. Above, there is a large banner that says 'Welcome to the Fringe!'

Festival in full swing! Photo credit: Carlos Santos

Granville Island: External Approach and Environment

The exterior of Granville Island is connected to accessible public transit; however, there are no buses going directly into Granville Island. The walkway into Granville Island from the bus stops poses a significant barrier to those with mobility issues as the paving is uneven, and as there are often poles placed in the middle of sidewalks. Patrons using wheelchairs are recommended to use either the HandyDart service, or private transport.

While most venue doors do not have mechanical switches, all main entrances will be propped open prior to curtain.

Parking is available throughout Granville Island, and there are a number of reserved wheelchair parking spots, so in general it should be easy for patrons with mobility concerns to park within close distance to a venue. One concern is that given the hectic traffic of Granville Island coupled with narrowed lanes; patrons may not be able to spend much time unloading in front of venues. It is recommended that patrons with accessibility issues arrive early to allow extra time for unloading and making their way to the venue.

General Theatre Environment

In most theatres, at least the front seats are folding and removable. As all seating is on a first-come first-serve basis, patrons are encouraged to contact Theatre Wire ahead of time if they have preferential seating needs, such that Theatre Wire can reserve seats if necessary.

Waterfront Theatre

There is accessible parking at Waterfront, but the passenger side of the parking spot is blocked by a pole which may prevent cars from opening their doors fully. Washrooms are accessible, but there is a sharp turn into the women’s washroom. The flooring is non-slip.

Studio 1398

This venue is located on the third floor of the Festival House, but there is both an elevator with a weight grade of 4000 lbs, and a staircase with sturdy stair-rails capable of supporting weight. Studio 1398 shares parking with Waterfront and may be subject to the same parking issues as Waterfront.

Outside of the Revue Stage venue, there is a table with volunteers who are serving a Fringe patron.

Gender neutral washrooms with wheelchair accessible stalls are also available at Revue Stage. Photo credit: Al Ricard

Revue Stage

The theatre, bathrooms and lobby are all easily accessible, there are no steps or ramps at any place in the venue. Wheelchair seating is in the front row of the theatre, right inside the doors. Parking can be found anywhere on the island.

Performance Works

The theatre in this venue is fully accessible, with no steps or ramps. The washrooms are accessible, but the corridor to the men’s washroom is quite narrow. Both washrooms involve a sharp turn, and there are no mechanical switches to operate the washroom doors. The floor is made out of concrete so  it may be slippery when wet. Accessible parking is located right by the front door of this Venue.

Carousel Theatre

Chairs can be removed from the front row of this venue, so we advise arriving early to be sure there is space to do so. The hallway to the theatre is a bit narrow, and there may be a sharp turn for a large scooter to enter the theatre; however, the venue assures that they have not encountered any issues with this in the past. The bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. Parking can be found anywhere on the island.


Theatre Wire companies also use theatres that are not located on Granville Island. Here is more information about those venues:

Havana Theatre

This venue has a wheelchair specific entrance, with no ramps or steps. The venue likes to do pre-seating for wheelchairs whenever possible, so we suggest arriving early. There are two turns at the entrance to the venue (The hallway measures 60” / 152.5 cm across), and the bathrooms are easily accessible. Parking can be found on the nearby streets, as there are no wheelchair specific parking spaces near the entrance to this venue.

PAL Studio Theatre

The theatre, bathrooms, and lobby are all easily wheelchair accessible, there are no steps or ramps at any place in the venue. Wheelchair seating is in the front row of the theatre. Parking can be found on the nearby streets as well as underground parking lots close by.

Studio 16

This venue is fully accessible, including the bathrooms. The wheelchair entrance is through the front doors, and wheelchair seating is in the front row. There are no designated wheelchair parking spots, but there is plenty of street parking available.

The Dance Centre

The theatre space is on the lower level of the building, and is accessible by elevator as well as stairs. Wheelchair seating is in the front row of the theatre. Men’s and women’s washrooms are on the same floor and are wheelchair-accessible. There is limited on-street metered parking outside the venue and additional parking lots in the downtown area.

The perspective is from the back of a theatre. Audience members' backs are towards the camera as they sit facing the stage. Onscreen, there is a Theatre Wire graphic advertising the show 'A Kid Like Jake.'

Seating accommodations are available at multiple venues. Photo credit: Tomek Michniewicz


The theatre is wheelchair accessible, information can be found here.

The Russian Hall

The Russian hall is wheelchair accessible. Please contact ahead of time to accommodate any accessibility needs you may have.

Progress Lab

This space is wheelchair accessible.

St. Andrew’s Wesley-United Church

This space is wheelchair accessible, there is a ramp and accessible washrooms.

Italian Cultural Centre

The entire venue is wheel chair accessible! There are two access points where people with wheel chairs or walkers may access our facility: one is on the left side of the building as you enter the parking lot off Slocan street, the other is on the West side of the building.

If you need to contact us please call 604-257-0350 ext 105 or email