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Theatre Wire is a one stop shop for Vancouver theatre fans and visitors looking for tickets to local, independent, and Fringe theatre shows, local festivals, and is also a source for theatre news, and insider insights.

Theatre Wire promotes a theatre package that is filled with local favourites including Zee Zee Theatre and Aenigma Theatre as well as Fringe hit makers, Mike Delamont and Kahlil Ashanti—plus we’re partnering with Monster Theatre to present Theatre Under the Gun, the 48-hour play creation competition, for the first time since 2011!

“With Theatre Wire, we are proud to play a role in providing audiences with even more opportunities to spend time with and hear incredible stories from talented artists,” Vancouver Fringe Theatre Society Executive Director Laura Efron says. “If you love to immerse yourself in the world of independent theatre during the 11-day Fringe in September, I encourage you to make time during the year to have those same amazing experiences.”

Over 2,000 Vancouverites visit the website per month and our audience comes to Theatre Wire to buy!  On average we sell 534 tickets a month making it a great place to advertise.

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