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An Allegory of Changing Times

By admin | November 15, 2018
Andrew Wheeler plays Arnold Connor in Taylor Mac's Hir.

Andrew Wheeler plays Arnold Connor in Taylor Mac’s Hir.

Taylor Mac amplifies a dysfunctional family’s dynamics in his critically-acclaimed play, Hir, and unveils the complicated relationships that lay underneath. In revealing these layers, Director Richard Wolfe chose the play because of its allegorical approach to changing times.

“Polarization of opinion has led to intolerance. We’re living through a reductive and binary moment. Male/Female. Right/Wrong. Good/Bad. Although Mac’s play has a strongly defined moral compass, nuance is throughout,” Richard says of the decision to stage Hir in Vancouver.

Hir follows the Connor family’s story as the eldest child Isaac returns home from the war and has to come to terms with the changes in his family: his father Arnold has had a stroke, which in turn frees his mother Paige from an abusive marriage, and his younger sibling Max comes out as transgender.

For Victor Dolhai, who plays former Marine Isaac, the character’s duplicity will be interesting to explore onstage, given that the character displays an external veneer of order and discipline, contrasted with a hidden emotional core of fear, chaos, and vulnerability.

“This juxtaposition portrayed within a brilliantly comedic, yet acerbic script, is an actor’s dream to play,” Victor says.

Meanwhile, for Deb Williams, who portrays the family matriarch Paige, her character’s resilience despite everything she’s been through is another thing to look forward to at the show’s run.

“[Paige] looks forward to the future and what her children can show her. We could all use a bit more of that feeling these days,” Deb shares.

With the play’s relentless and anarchic energy, funny dialogue, and electric cast of characters, the Jesse-award winning director promises a hearty combination of laughing and crying during the show.

“Taylor Mac may not be a clown in the traditional sense of the word, but in the creation of Hir, the laugh and the tear are never far apart,” Richard says.

Hir runs November 22-December 8 at the ANNEX, located on the 2nd floor of 823 Seymour Street. Buy tickets now, or purchase a SeeMore Theatre Series Package and see four shows for only $79! Check out all the shows that are part of the SeeMore Theatre Series here.

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