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Serving Vancouver’s independent theatre producers
with box office and marketing support.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Theatre Wire ticketing client. Read on to learn more about how Theatre Wire can support your upcoming production.

If you are producing a show as:

  • An independent theatre/dance company
  • An artist Collective
  • An arts Festival

Theatre Wire can sell your tickets!

Note: We only work with companies who offer fair compensation to all the artists involved your production, this can include:

  • Box Office revenue split
  • Indie 2.1 contracts
  • Honorariums that reflect quantity of work

Read more on how it works: Ticketing Client Information Package

APPENDIX A: Cross Promotion Package & Theatre Wire Logos for download

APPENDIX B: Marketing Content Guidelines and Submissions

APPENDIX C: iPad / Box Office Software SRO (Standing Room Only) Instructions

Ready to work with us? Fill out this application form. If you have questions please email Angie Descalzi for more information on how Theatre Wire can best serve you!

A collage of photos featuring three shows: Chicken Girl, Down in the Uncanny Valley, and REDPATCH.

From left to right, Chicken Girl, Down in the Uncanny Valley, and REDPATCH were each supported by Theatre Wire. Photos courtesy of Emily Cooper (Chicken Girl), Nebula Company Theatre (Down in the Uncanny Valley), and Hardline Productions (REDPATCH).