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Chicken Girl Previews & Profiles

By admin | May 30, 2019
The image is capturing a rehearsal moment

Chicken Girl Rehearsal

Chicken Girl is on now through June 7, including matinee performance on June 1, 2, and 4! Check out some previews of the show, as well as some profiles of the artists involved, and make sure to get your tickets before the show’s over.


“The questions Chan ponders through Chicken Girl surround the idea of home—both geographical and spiritual—as well as identities and existence in general.” —La Source

“With humour and levity, this genre-blending, mouth-watering, inter-galactic adventure asks: Why did the chicken cross the road?” —My Van City



“Derek divulged that when he first moved to Canada, he avoided speaking Cantonese. But he realized that cultural history is not something he could separate from his identity. It is in his blood. Re-embracing his identity, he often incorporates Cantonese in his work, making it cross-culturally resonant.” —Sing Tao (in Cantonese)

Artist Profiles in the Asian Pacific Post:

Amanda Sum (who plays Chicken Girl)

Derek Chan (Chicken Girl’s playwright)

Chicken Girl is on now through June 7 at the ANNEX, located at 823 Seymour Street. Buy your tickets here.

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