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Chills and All

By admin | October 18, 2017

Reviews are in for VIVA—the new play by local playwright Scott Button and brought to life by Melanie Reich and Patrick Dodd—and critic Jo Ledingham has chills.

“Aenigma Theatre and Bright Young Theatre prove once again: you don’t need a fancy set and expensive costumes to make theatre. All you really need is a good story, well-told. Local playwright Scott Button and actors Melanie Reich and Patrick Dodd deliver – chills and all – in this world première.”

Jo isn’t the only theatre writer who recommends VIVA, Mark Robins of Vancouver Presents said “Scott Button’s new play gives hope at an intersection of humanity.” Read more here.

Vancouver Plays asks you to “Prepare to confront the boundaries of morality and to be forced to re-examine your societal judgements as VIVA guides you through a hyper-realistic, ontological examination of love, loss, and the human capacity for extraordinary actions, both beautiful, terrible, as well as in-between.”

VIVA is at Havana Theatre, but only until October 22. Tickets can be bought individually or as part of a Theatre Wire Subscription.

Connection. Photo by Javier R. Sotres Photography

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