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Dead People’s Things: Previews & Reviews

By admin | May 1, 2019
Meaghan Chenosky (left) and Eileen Barrett (right) play Phyllis and Beatrice

Meaghan Chenosky (left) and Eileen Barrett (right) play Phyllis and Beatrice, the people left behind to sort through a hoarder’s things in Dead People’s Things, which closes on May 5.

There are just a few more days to catch Zee Zee Theatre’s Dead People’s Things! The final performance is this Sunday, May 5. Check out some previews and reviews of the show, and make sure to get your tickets before the show’s over.


“I think both Meaghan, my co-star and I, are really, really wanting to honour and bring life to the play, especially because Dave’s writing is beautiful. He has provided some really, really lovely, heartfelt writing for both of us.” —Eileen Barrett, who plays Beatrice in the show, being interviewed in North Shore News

Vancouver Presents contributing editor Mark Robins was live at Studio 16 for a sneak peek with a scene from actors Eileen Barrett and Meaghan Chenosky, plus an interview with the playwright.” —Vancouver Presents


“In Phyllis he has created a richly complex, deeply human character—the skeptical, detached millennial who becomes fully engaged in her own and another’s life—given remarkably detailed, vivid dimension by Chenosky.” —Vancouver Sun

Dead People’s Things tackles life’s biggest, messiest experiences—grief and survival, fear and depression—and then revels in the quiet moments it carves out for itself in the characters’ personal reckonings. The play grapples with all the ways loss ruins us, the way it haunts, rages, exhausts, and inspires us, leaving ash in our mouths from all the questions we never asked, little fires in our bones smouldering out our best intentions.” —the Georgia Straight

Dead People’s Things is on now through May 5 at Studio 16, located at 1555, West 7th Avenue. Buy your tickets here.

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