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Falling Awake Opens Next Week and We’re Thankful!

By admin | October 4, 2017

“The rubber-faced Nayana Fielkov dozes off at the beginning of Falling Awake, but that’s where the nonsense begins as Fielkov and her partner-in-mime, Matthew (Poki) McCorkle, combat thunderstorms, depict saucy seductions, display dizzying legerdemain and don eerie masks to play a fascinating game of chess that would baffle the most experienced of grandmasters.”
— Alan Small

Theatre Wire is thrilled to bring back Falling Awake for Vancouver audiences to witness for the first time, or experience again. Thrilled and thankful! So thankful in fact that if you use the coupon code “thankful” when you buy individual tickets to Falling Awake, you’ll save 20%!

The show opens on October 13, but what have these clowns been up to since we saw them last? Well, they’ve sent us a few clues!

First some photos:


1. Early sketch of stage plot by Poki.
2. Poki takes a break in the bed during rehearsals.
3. Hard at work at Poki’s residence at the Lookout Arts Quarry.
4. Good hair backstage during our Summer of Fringe.
5. Too much Fringe for Nayana.
6. Poofers–the ethereal cereal. Box design by Heather Dawn Sparks of Sparks Designs.

And a video!
On route to Cranbrook (part of their BC Interior tour) Nayana and Poki stop at a riverbed in the Kootenay mountains to get some rocks. Nayana: “Our set has a free-standing up-right bed with a clothes line strung to it, without weights it would fall on my head, which it did once in Winnipeg! It was a good ‘ol time!

You don’t want to miss Falling Awake, October 13 – 15 at Studio 1398. Falling Awake is part of the 2017-18 Theatre Wire Subscription Season . You can buy single tickets, or select more shows and save up to 30%!

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