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Flipping the Bird at Chris-tmas

By admin | November 2, 2016
Peter of Peter n' Chris saus, "you deserve an hour long break where you can just laugh at our jokes."

Peter of Peter n’ Chris says, “you deserve an hour long break where you can just laugh at our jokes.”

Peter n’ Chris are spoofing Christmas this December 9-10 in A Peter n’ Chris-tmas CarolPeter Carlone sat down and flattered us completely in this interview where he reveals what he and Chris do behind the curtain and the heartfelt goal behind every Peter n’ Chris show.

What inspired you to do this play? 
Basically, our inspiration for making a Christmas show was realizing that it would be really fun to have a show called A Peter n’ Chris-tmas Carol.

What can audiences expect? 
For the last two shows, we have been doing much more “sketch-show” type comedy, but this will be a return to the type of show we used to do. A bit of an adventure show! And also, with some hints of A Christmas Carol, just to get everyone in the MOOD.

Our goal, as always, is to make people laugh. We’d love it if you got some fun stuff out of the story that’s great and obviously important, but REALLY we just want everyone to leave a little more happy than when they came in!

What things do you want your performances to prompt people to think about? 
This might be an unpopular idea (and is totally just Peter’s opinion, not necessarily that of the Peter n’ Chris corporation), but as long as you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about really important society stuff and growing in a positive direction as person, well I think you deserve an hour long break where you can just laugh at our jokes. Seriously, we pride ourselves on not making “edgy” jokes that require someone or some ideology to be on the butt-end of the joke.

What are you most looking forward to about the performances?
I am looking forward to getting a new show up and running with Chris. Love working with him, and speaking on his behalf, he LOVES working with me.

Does your team have any rehearsal or performance rituals?
Yes, and if you buy us a few drinks we might let our guards down and tell you what they are. But we definitely do. One we’ve been doing before a performance for the last nine years. OH BOY do we ever….

Sometimes I like to flip Chris the bird before we go onstage and we are usually pushing each other or rough-housing right before the start.

Do you have a dream play you want to direct?
Might sound weird, but I would like to direct either Wicked or a Tim Minchin written Mad Max musical. My requirements for either of these productions? It needs a 1 million dollar budget. I’m tired of putting on stuff where I can only afford to give honorariums to actors.

What was the last play you saw in Vancouver? What did you like about it?
The last play I saw was Three Stories Up by Alley Theatre, really cool. Thanks for the recommendation Theatre Wire! WHERE WOULD THEATRE BE IN THIS TOWN WITHOUT THEATRE WIRE. GET YOUR THEATRE WIRE SUBSCRIPTION TODAY.

Three Stories Up is MAD immersive. Very cool. Excellent Foley work, I couldn’t exactly see who was behind all the sound design (the play is in total darkness) but I’m sure I have a huge crush on her.

What is your next project and why are you excited about it?
Chris and I are working on shooting some of our stuff, so people can watch some Peter n’ Chris things WHENEVER THEY WANT. Very excited about it, because watching/making/thinking about film/tv is my passion.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about this show or yourself?
On a sincere note, Chris and I have been working for a while on our stuff and I really like where we are at right now! So I think people should come see this show because we’ve been working hard and I’m proud of what I do!

Theatre Wire is the best, and it is because of them that we get to bring our work out, we are truly lucky!!

[Editor’s note: As much as we love that Peter loves Theatre Wire, he was not asked to flatter us to such a degree—or to any degree. Nevertheless, we’d like to say that Peter is spot on and you should totally get a subscription, which can and probably should include A Peter n’ Chris-tmas Carol.]

Get your tickets to A Peter n’ Chris-tmas Carol today—and if you’re going with three of your friends, consider buying a VIP table, which includes wine, table service, drink tickets, and appetizers from Emelle’s Catering.

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