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Grieving Rites and Things

By admin | April 3, 2019

Dead People’s Things opens on April 17 at Studio 16 and runs through May 5. Zee Zee Theatre’s team are currently in rehearsal for the play that Dave Deveau has been working on for seven years. Inspired by his Aunt and the house he’s currently living in, the show is immensely personal.

In this short video, Dave takes us into the rehearsal room and shares a unique aspect of the process. He told us:

Zee Zee has been part of countless workshops of this piece, but the most beneficial by far, which helped open up the play and its potential, was done in conjunction with Playwrights Theatre Centre. Dramaturg Kathleen Flaherty had the brilliant idea to invite Zee Zee Resident Designer and Grieving Rites Coordinator Marina Szijarto (who is also the Artist in Residence at the Mountain View Cemetery where she does ritual work) into the room. This is highly unusualnew play development is most typically done with just the writer, actors, a director, and a dramaturg. To bring a designer in was a new approach. Marina asked me to bring some of my Aunt’s belongings and she helped me build a shrine for her that lived in the studio throughout the workshop. To say that I could feel her presence would be an understatement. Things finally felt rightlike she too, was part of the process of finding the life of a play about a woman whose life ended.

Dead People’s Things runs April 17-May 5 at Studio 16, located at 1555 West 7th Avenue. Buy your tickets now!

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