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Laughing All The Way to Peter n’ Chris-tmas

By admin | November 16, 2016

Three reasons you need to see A Peter n’ Chris-tmas Carol this December according to Chris Wilson of Peter n’ Chris:

  1. It’s a brand new, never before seen, Christmas show from Peter n’ Chris.
  2. They are Fringe favorites and have performed with Just For Laughs, CollegeHumor, and CBC.
  3. It’s Christmas themed and will warm your heart. What else do you have to do? Shop? Be with loved ones? Well, after the mall closes, bring your family.

Get your tickets to A Peter n’ Chris-tmas Carol today—and if you’re going with three of your friends, consider buying a VIP table, which includes wine, drink tickets, and appetizers from Emelle’s Catering.


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