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Love and Androids

By admin | February 21, 2018
Lesli Brownlee and Alex Rose in Fool for Love.

Lesli Brownlee and Alex Rose in Fool for Love, which closes on Saturday, February 24.

Two Theatre Wire shows are on now! Don’t miss your opportunity to see Fool for Love, which wraps up on Saturday, February 24, or Down in the Uncanny Valley, which closes on Sunday, February 25.

Down in the Uncanny Valley is a look into a future where some people are uploading their consciousness into android bodies—asking what changes about your humanity if your body is no longer human?

The show is also an immersive one. When we asked writer/producer Mily Mumford what audiences can expect from a performance, she said “This is certainly not your grandma’s robot play. The venue, Studio 16, is a theatre venue, but it will be a very non-traditional set up. I’ve been describing it as ‘audience-in-the-round’ as the audience will be free roaming in the middle of the action that happens in scenes surrounding them. The goal is to make the experience both more tangible and cinematic.”

See it for yourself before the weekend closes! Find more information and tickets here.

Down in the Uncanny Valley is on till Sunday, February 25.

Down in the Uncanny Valley is on till Sunday, February 25.

Fool for Love came together when a group of artists wanted to honour playwright and actor Sam Shepard, who died last year. Director Jamie King sat down with Shawn Conner from the Vancouver Sun for this interview where she says, “He writes for those disenfranchised people who are told they can have the world, who are promised the American Dream and get nothing.” She also notes how Shepard’s writing is surprisingly funny.

Want to see both Down in the Uncanny Valley and Fool for Love? Why not add a third show and get yourself a discounted subscription! Check out all the subscription shows here and find out more about Theatre Wire subscriptions, including the benefits, here.

Fool For Love runs till February 24 at the Shop Theatre, located at 3030 East Broadway. Down in the Uncanny Valley runs till February 25 at Studio 16, in La Maison de la Francophonie de Vancouver, located at 1555 West 7th Ave.

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