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Masks Made for Falling Awake

By admin | September 21, 2017

Fringe hit, Falling Awake, returns to Vancouver October 13 to 15 at Studio 1398 on Granville Island. Starring Nayana Fielkov and Matthew “Poki” McCorkle (aka RAGMOP Theatre), the show take you into the dreams a woman is having about her dead husband. But, as Mooney on Theatre reports, “It sounds depressing, but the physical comedy and virtuoso performances by both actors completely immersed me in the dream-state world of the play.”

One scene in the play includes mask work, something Nayana specializes in. “I have done a lot of mask work in my life. Neutral through half mask, baby clown, deep clown,” she explains. “I’ve created dozens of masks, and made many cabaret bits with them.”

Here’s a few photos of the masks in Falling Awake, from collecting the clay, to their use on stage.


And check out a trailer for the show here:

Falling Awake is on October 13-15 at Stuido 1398 on Granville Island. Buy your tickets now—and don’t forget, Falling Awake is part of the Theatre Wire Subscription Series. If you purchase tickets to three or more shows, discounts will apply automatically and you’ll become a Theatre Wire Subscriber! Click here for more info on Subscriptions and to read about Subscriber Benefits.

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