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A Noir-esque Theatre Wire

By admin | July 26, 2016
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Frankenstein, 1945

If you’re a fan of Noir, then you’ll have no problem putting a Theatre Wire Subscription Package together. There are four shows that fit—add a couple more and you’ll have enough for a six show package and you’ll save up to 40% on tickets if you purchase your package before August 1!

Frankenstein, 1945 follows Victor Frankenstein, a doctor who conducted medical research in a concentration camp under a Nazi neurosurgeon. Horrified by what he saw, Victor raises the dead with the techniques he learned. Inspired by Mary Shelley’s famous novel and incorporating audio-visual design installations in an homage to film noir, this new play will be a chilling addition to your October theatre schedule.

Set in modern day Vancouver, Three Stories Up follows a transit officer who discovers her husband’s body. He was a high ranking detective, and now she must find his informant to solve his murder. This show is sure to be an interesting theatre adventure, it take place in total darkness! Listen as Alley Theatre’s artistic director Marisa Smith talks about it on Roundhouse Radio.
See it October 20-31.

Butt Kapinski: Dick on the Loose takes all the film noir tropes and manipulates you into playing them. Maybe you’re a femme fatale, maybe you’re a slum lord, maybe you’re a dirty cop, maybe you’re a dead body—whatever Butt decides you are, this is your chance.
Be part of it November 3-5.

Upintheair CityandtheCity

The City and the City

Inspector Tyador Borlú of the Besźel Extreme Crime Squad is plunged into a perilous investigation when a young woman is murdered in The City and the City. Based on the award winning novel by British author China Miéville, the story takes place in two “split” cities. Conditioned from birth, the citizens in these overlapping cities must unsee one another, and transgressors are disappeared by an invisible police force known only as Breach. On January 24 to February 5 it will also be part of the 2017 PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

To purchase your Noir themed Theatre Wire subscription, head over to our tickets page and select your dates! Once you choose three or more shows, subscription pricing will automatically come into effect. Click here for more info on how subscriptions work and to see what perks are available to Theatre Wire subscribers.

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