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A Note from Butt Kapinski

By admin | October 6, 2016

Butt Kapinski first came to Vancouver as part of the 2013 Vancouver Fringe Festival and walked away with the Cultchivating the Fringe Award and the Volunteer Choice Award. Butt returns November 3-5 with a new show, Butt Kapinski: Dick on the Loose! Get your tickets early as this show will take place in a small, intimidate venue with only 60 seats. We received the following Open Letter and Poem to share with you:

Butt Kapinski, and Butt's alter ego, Deanna Fleysher, love Vancouver.

Butt Kapinski, and Butt’s alter ego, Deanna Fleysher, love Vancouver.

Open Letter To Vancouver Fringe Friends From Butt Kapinski, A Private Dick:

Deaw Vancouvow Fwindze Fwiendth,
I’m vewy eckthited to shawe a new myth-tewy with you!
Butt Kapinthki

Open Poem From Deanna Fleysher, An Alter Ego:

Vancouver Friends
You mean a fuck-ton to me.

I had just started touring Butt
Sept 2013
Vancouver Fringe Preview Show
hosted with glamour and intrigue by David C. Jones
I went to get in line back stage—and they put me right in front of Tim Motley.
We had to admit that was strange.
The 60 seconds on stage went well
I won car2go vouchers I didn’t use
and sold out my first show

My billets lived off the Drive
They nourished me with quality tea and my own shelf in the bathroom
They are still my friends. We visit!

I’ve been back and back to Vancouver, back and back and back
Back for a few weeks at The Cultch in 2014
Back for the mocha on Commercial and Venables
Back for the sparkling naked comedians who come to Naked Comedy Labs 2014-present
Back for David and Debby and Robyn and Shantini and the whole Fringe administration that feels cool and professional and supports artists to the max—

Vancouver Fringe Friends, you max me
You have inspired me with your savvy theatergoers
ridiculous clowns
beautiful artists and beautiful volunteers
You with your glass skyscrapers so environmental and serene
You with your dumplings and rices and gluten-frees.
You who groove on the mad, the queer, the freaky
I loves ya.
I’m so excited to be back in you again.

love, Deanna.

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