Blog | Peter n’ Chris and the Kinda OK Corral Opens December 3!

Peter n’ Chris and the Kinda OK Corral Opens December 3!

By admin | December 11, 2015
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While you wait to see the show, here’s a special Theatre Wire Q&A with Peter Carlone, a.k.a Peter of Peter n’ Chris, a.k.a Peter Earp of the Kinda OK Corral.

What can audiences expect from a performance?
Our main hope is for them to have a good time; that’s really what it’s all about. Don’t expect us to stick too carefully to the script or story, if we find something funny that night, or the audience is particularly into something, we will go with it for a bit to see where it goes.

What things do you want your performances to prompt people to think about?
Wellllll, our shows are a little different in that sense. We don’t really have a message to speak of aside from “just come laugh.” Comedy is the message. I think it’s one of the most important parts of life—you’ve gotta laugh at stuff.

Does your team have any rehearsal or performance rituals?
We definitely have some performance rituals, and they are SECRET. Sometimes we do vocal warmups, where we just walk around the stage shouting “VOCAL WARMUP” as sort of a “screw you” to our years at theatre school—years that we loved.

Who do you want to see this show the most?
We had Louis CK see one of our sets once, so that’s pretty great. As far as Vancouverites? I’d love the mayor to see it (he’s seen two of our shows now) or maybe the whole Canucks team? Like, if they are just looking for something to do one night…

Who is your favourite Vancouver based actor and why?
My favourite Vancouver based actor would be a toss up between Andrew Wheeler or Emma Slipp. Andrew Wheeler did a scene for this Silly Murder mystery thing I put together, and STILL gave 110% in the performance; he doesn’t know how to NOT act amazingly. Emma Slipp is just so damn watchable to me. Her work in ITSAZOO‘s Killer Joe was essentially perfect. Seriously, she’s like Denzel Washington levels of engaging to watch. I could watch her eat pudding on stage for an hour and I’d still pay 60$ for the ticket.


Peter really does love Wendy’s. Check out his hashtag on Twitter, #PetersGettingWendys.

Favourite restaurant in Vancouver?
The Wendy’s on Broadway and Cambie is the greatest restaurant in Western Canada, second only to the Wendy’s on 37th Ave in Calgary, if you count that as western Canada.

What inspired you to do this play?
Chris and I love spoofing genres all the time, and when it came time to write the next show, a Western was almost without question something we both wanted to explore.

What are you most looking forward to about the performances?
It’s great to remount a show again to see what new stuff will happen, due to how loose the show can get sometimes. We are also looking forward to the line dance.

What is something that people don’t know about your show that they should?
Maybe they should know that we watched a bunch of Westerns before we started writing? Or I suppose we were just too lazy to start writing?

What’s the most unexpected thing someone on your team does when they aren’t working in theatre?
Chris and I spend a lot of time writing and performing this stuff now, but before, I worked at Science World doing science shows, and Chris parked cars at Trump Tower in Toronto.

Why does Vancouver need this play now?
Vancouver needs a good comedy now because it’s getting real grumpy out there with the weather changes. And so why not just come have a few (maybe a few too many) beers and get some laughs?

Were there any moments in the creation or rehearsal of this piece when you thought you might not make it through?
Always. Sometimes there are moments while performing the show where we think we might not make it through.

Who is your favourite teacher and why?
My favourite teacher is my high school science teacher, he pulled me aside one hard day and whispered to me, “You know none of this matters right? High school is a joke, just learn how to take notes and talk to other people and then get out of here, you are gonna love it on the outside.” He was right, and that basically turned me into a happier person and comedian.

What does Vancouver’s Theatre scene need?
It needs a Sketch Comedy Festival! Oh WAIT! It does have one! In fact, the Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival is going into year three and will be at the Waterfront theatre and other spots, January 14, 15, and 16! Get your tickets soon at

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