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Soul Samurai is Kill Bill Meets the Vampire Apocalypse

By admin | November 1, 2018

Love a good fight? Soul Samurai is a Kill Bill-esque revenge story with a sh*t ton of vampires and it’s on November 22 through December 1. Affair of Honor’s Producer / Fight Choreographer / Actor: Jackie T. Hanlin says,

We are excited to share this show with the Vancouver theatre scene. Last year we successfully converted “non-theatre people” into our world and I believe that is because we are doing something the city has not seen. Yes, we are physical and have a focus on flashy fighting, but we also provide a platform for emerging and diverse artists to jump into an ambitious piece of theatre. We have an ensemble who have worked tirelessly on their acrobatic and fight skills and our production team has created stunning film and animation segments to bring people a dazzling vicious whirlwind you will want to see multiple times.

Director / Producer / Movement and Fight Choreographer / Actor Nathania Bernabe backs that up, saying,

Team work makes the dream work. This show has many moving parts apart from the movement and stage combat. We have Nach Dudsdeemaytha doing the film production and direction. Chad Cuthbertson is animating a seven minute scene from the play. On top of creating all the fight choreography with my fight partner and producer Jackie, I am directing the overall piece, where the film segments and animation fit, and how the movement weaves within the story. But being a main character in the show, we needed an overall outside eye while doing scene work, we are very lucky to have Mayumi Yoshida on board as a co-director with her main focus being the acting direction.

Affair of Honor has put together a trailer and a behind the scenes compilation to get your amped up for the show. Watch them here and here.

Soul Samurai runs November 22 – December 1 at Studio 1398, located at 1398 Cartwright Street on Granville Island. Buy tickets now, or purchase tickets to this show and two more Theatre Wire Package shows and your tickets are automatically discounted! Check out all the shows that are part of the Theatre Wire Package here.

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