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The Emotional Marathon with Hir’s Jordan Fowlie

By admin | November 1, 2018
Pi Theatre is bringing Taylor Mac's Hir to the ANNEX.

Jordan Fowlie (left) joins Victor Dolhai (centre, back), Deb Williams (right), and Andrew Wheeler (centre, front), in Taylor Mac’s Hir.

Just like the character Max in Taylor Mac’s Hir, Jordan Fowlie has a thing or two to teach the world. This young emerging actor from Calgary plays the newly out transgender teen in Pi Theatre’s production of Hir, running from November 22-December 8 at the ANNEX. A graduate of Ambrose University’s Acting Program, some of his most recent acting credits include Tiny Bear Jaws Theatre’s Cleave. Theatre Wire sat down with Jordan to chat about his role in Hir, and why it makes sense that his greatest moment is making someone pee their pants from laughing.

Theatre Wire: What excites you about the role you’re playing in Hir?
Jordan Fowlie: I’m excited to play with the different levels of Max. The more I read into the character, the more I realize just how complex ze is, and how the levels change rather quickly from moment to moment. The family dynamic will also be a blast to explore and the relationship status with each member.

TW: What challenges you about the role?
JF: The biggest challenge will be keeping it real. The depth of Max as an individual is a gift in terms of having ample material to explore, but not overdoing it and making it true calls for balance. Keeping up with the emotional marathon Max is running will keep me on my toes, which goes along with dealing with how Max felt in the past with each relative and discovering how that morphs with each interaction.

TW: Do you have a dream role/play/performance/etc?
JF: I always wanted to be a Marvel superhero or villain, but then I see the workouts they have to do–and let’s be real, I’d rather eat pizza. Other than that, it’s not a specific role, but any comedic relief character would be great since they’re always my favourite, and making people laugh is what fuels my day.

TW: Anything else you wish to share about the piece?
JF: I just encourage everyone to witness the story with an open mind. Try to understand where each character is coming from and don’t judge too quickly. You never know, you may see something that you connect with or awakens something in you!

Hir runs November 22-December 8 at the ANNEX, located on the 2nd floor of 823 Seymour Street. Buy tickets now, or purchase a SeeMore Theatre Series Package and see four shows for only $79! Check out all the shows that are part of the SeeMore Theatre Series here.

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