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A Theatre Baby and an Actual Baby for Zee Zee

By admin | January 10, 2018

This Valentine’s season, Zee Zee Theatre (aka Cameron Mackenzie and Dave Deveau) are bringing their critically acclaimed hit show, My Funny Valentine, back to Vancouver, February 7 through 18. But before they do, the show is on in Toronto (it opens tonight!) with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Check out these photos from their rehearsal process as well as the creative team leaving Vancouver.

Zee Zee's creative team says farewell to playwright Dave Deveau and director Cameron Mackenzie at the airport before heading to Toronto to perform My Funny Valentine at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.
Assistant Director Bronwyn Carradine during rehearsals of the show.
Actor Conor Wylie performs multiple characters in My Funny Valentine.
Script notes.
Director Cameron Mackenzie during rehearsals.
Conor and Cameron during rehearsal.
Stage Manager Hannah Case and actor Conor Wylie working through the script.

Director Cameron Mackenzie also divulged some other big news:

My husband Dave Deveau and I started working on My Funny Valentine right after he found out about the murder [of Lawrence King, who the show is based on]. This has been one of our greatest collaborations. Dave even proposed to me at the Vancouver dress rehearsal of the workshop production that he starred in just days before he flew to Toronto for his run at Summerworks.

Zee Zee has produced what became the final script of the show in 2011 and then again in 2013 (with real actors this time). The show has been like a child we created together. And working at Buddies in Bad Times in Toronto has been a goal for both of us for many years.

In our personal lives Dave and I have also been trying to have an actual baby through surrogacy. We have endured the pain of a second trimester miscarriage as well as a first trimester miscarriage and gone through the highs and lows of several failed attempts to even get pregnant. Now, as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company and the script for My Funny Valentine, and we embark on our first tour starting in Toronto at Buddies… this beautiful show we have both worked so hard on has flown to Toronto without Dave or myself, because of course, after four and half years of trying, NOW our child decides to join us. Due just days after the show opens in Toronto, we are expecting our first child on January 18. Not even born yet and already the baby has us wrapped around its little finger!

Catch My Funny Valentine when it’s back in Vancouver at the Dance Centre starting February 7—maybe you’ll meet the new baby!

My Funny Valentine is part of the Theatre Wire Subscription Series. Buy tickets to this show and two more shows, and your tickets are automatically discounted to Subscription rates! Check out all the shows that are part of the Subscription here. Or you can purchase tickets to just My Funny Valentine here. The show runs February 7-18 at the Dance Centre, 677 Davie Street.

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