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Visiting Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté’s Grave

By admin | April 3, 2019

Never The Last is based on the lives of two real artists, Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté, and her husband Walter Gramatté. Over the last three years Delinquent Theatre has done a lot of research, revealing details about their lives (including, for example, that Eckhardt-Gramatté was known to her friends as Sonia, despite being recorded as Sophie-Carmen), and reading the unpublished letters between these two lovers. In the summer of 2018, Christine Quintana got a unique opportunity to pay her respects to these two incredible artists as seen in this video.

Never the Last runs April 9-20 at the ANNEX, located at 823 Seymour Street. Buy your tickets now!

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